Planting at New Street across from the Calgary Zoo was a hit

Posted on Jun 14, 2017 in Stewardship, Native Plants, Riparian Restoration, Homeowner Action, Volunteers

This redeveloped residential lot on the oldest street in Calgary--ironically named New Street--is owned by an avid gardener who wanted lots of edibles and natives added to her landscape as well as some additional screening from her neighbours (that would also stabilize the riverbank). On our advice, conventional turf that was slated to go in was, at the last minute, swapped out in favour of Freedom Fescue from Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply, which is more drought tolerant and can be deeper rooted than regular turf. 

Our planting day focused on adding native shrubs and trees (Wild Rose, Gooseberry, Golden Currant, Shining Willow, Balsam Poplar, Dogwood) and perennials into what most would consider a completed landscape. These additional species will take over as the mulch starts to break down and contribute to a more biodiverse, and even lower-maintenance landscape.

We'll be back in August to check up on this site and bring you some photos.

Thanks to our partners, Cows & Fish, for leading this project!

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