Guiding Ideas and Ideals

Our VISION is for land development and landscapes to co-exist in harmony.

Our MISSION is to equip Albertans to create vibrant, ecologically functional landscapes within the built environment, through comprehensive stormwater management. (Whatever will help remove barriers, we're interested).

In order to accomplish this, we see four STRATEGIC tracks. We:

  • Build social support and acceptance
  • Transfer knowledge and skills
  • Investigate and demonstrate feasibility
  • Support enabling policy, planning and regulation

Our APPROACH is to:

  • Build awareness of issues and support for local solutions
  • Provide a networking hub
  • Develop, improve and share knowledge, tools and resources
  • Advocate for best practices

Our VALUES are to:

  • Communicate and engage openly
  • Coordinate and collaborate
  • Take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach
  • Connect globally