City of Calgary Stormwater Management Strategy

The ALIDP has been a stakeholder in the development of The City of Calgary 2023 Stormwater Management Strategy. It "is a high-level, directional document which identifies focal aspects to guide stormwater management evolution over upcoming years. The Strategy remains aligned and responsive to Council’s Strategic Direction, supporting economic, social, and environmental resilience. These commitments correspond to what we heard from all participants during the engagement process. The Strategy is a Call to Action, and you, as participant, will be able to continue to play an active role in future engagement and be kept informed as to its progress.

 The Strategy, and specifically its actions, are envisioned to be updated at regular intervals to capture learnings and reflect progress. The City will update citizens, interested parties and Council through ongoing reporting and communications on the progress of implementation."

The attached draft (content is final, still working on final layout / graphics) has been shared with the ALIDP in advance of presenting it to City Council likely later this year. 

The City intends to submit the Stormwater Strategy to Council in June 2023.