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DeepRoot products are high-quality tree care and stormwater management tools to promote ecological function in urban areas. With nearly 40 years of experience, we continue to develop products that satisfy the needs of both the natural and the built environment, and we have thousands of trees worldwide as living proof. Our products are manufactured in the USA in ISO 9002 certified factories and made using post-consumer recycled materials wherever possible. Our products include Silva Cell, Root Barrier, Geomembranes (Water Barrier/Bamboo Barrier), and ArborTie staking and guying material. 


Green infrastructure and sustainability goals are our specialty, and achieving these goals requires technical knowledge and training in varied fields. We have a team of specialists including hydrologists, water resource engineers, tree and soil design specialists, and LEED-accredited professionals, all trained in green infrastructure. We help contractors and designers alike by contributing specialized design support services. These services include:

Services for Designers

Training: Remote & On-Site

  • Professional training and workshops
  • Lunch and learn opportunities
  • Group presentations

Landscape Design

  • Complete landscape architecture design services
  • Custom Silva Cell layout plans and details
  • Analysis and recommendations of Designer's Silva Cell plans and details
  • Soil volume analysis and recommendations
  • Planting design
  • Species selection

Stormwater Design

  • Complete stormwater design services
  • Silva Cell system design or consultation for use as a stormwater management tool
  • Stormwater modeling and related Silva Cell calculations
  • Stormwater monitoring and performance consultation

Services for Contractors

Training: Remote & On-Site

  • Contractor training and workshops

Drawing Production & Review

  • Shop drawings
  • Review of project construction documents relating to Silva Cell design
  • Custom, site-specific layout and detailing of the Silva Cell system, based on project construction documents


At DeepRoot we are committed to using our expertise in green infrastructure to share with the wider community and promote and nurture ecological innovation for the built environment. We partner with academic institutions to sponsor studies regarding stormwater management, and sponsor events and conferences dealing with arboriculture and green infrastructure worldwide. We produce educational videos and webinars regarding urban forestry and sustainable design, and manage the blog Green Infrastructure for Your Community, an online resource where landscape architects, architects, engineers and more participate in a wide range of discussions about tree and stormwater related policy, news, and ideas.


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