Root Systems of Prairie Plants & Plant Zone Schematic

Posted on Jul 30, 2017 |

Many people are surprised to discover the extensive systems of Prairie native plants.  These plants have adapted over thousands of years to the soil and climatic conditions found in the Prairies.  As result  these plants are better able to survive the drought and chinook conditions of the Prairies. Eagle Lake Landscape Supply in Calgary has introduced a new fescue sod as an alternative to the Kentucky Bluegrass found in most homeowners' yards.  With a deeper root system than Kentucky Blue (about 1") the fescue grass is better able to tap into the soil's moisture regime.

Click here for an image of "Roots Systems of Praire Plants" as well as a schematic of planting zones in a riparian area - the green belt of vegetation along stream banks or lake shorelines.  Moisture loving plants are found closest to or in the water while less moisture dependent plants or plants with deep roots are found as you move up the banks towards the upland areas.