Amy Ling P.Eng.



Amy is an Environmental Engineer with EPCOR’s One Water Planning in Edmonton. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Civil-Environmental Engineering in 2010. Amy’s background has been varied, gaining experience in contaminated sites, environmental monitoring, environmental assessments, fisheries and wildlife work, project management, and waste management. Amy has always been a champion of the environment, however her past work has been primarily reactive and she is particularly interested in seeing the positive proactive environmental impacts of LID.  

With EPCOR, Amy is spearheading EPCOR Drainage’s LID Implementation and Strategy within Edmonton and is very excited to see more LID being installed in Edmonton and around Alberta. Over the last two years Amy has been responsible for planning and design of LID facilities throughout Edmonton and helped publish new Design and Construction Standards for four types of LID in Edmonton.