CSA W210 Prioritization of Flood Risk in Existing Communities is open for public review until April 10/21

Posted on Feb 22, 2021 in Guidance Documents , Climate change adaptation, Flooding, Existing Communities

The CSA Group has released standard W210 Prioritization of Flood Risk in Existing Communities for public review. 

Anyone can comment on the draft by registering. Open until April 10, 2021 https://publicreview.csa.ca/Ho...

"This Standard outlines voluntary guidance associated with a flood hazard and vulnerability screening framework. The purpose of the screening framework is to aid in the process of prioritizing flood risk-reduction work within existing communities."

The standard provides guidance including approaches to prioritizing flood resilience works and an overview of best practices. It is intended to support decisions through examining flood mechanisms; contributing factors to flood risk; and flood-exacerbating factors such as climate change, development intensification, and upstream land-use changes.

The document notes that:

While increases in runoff due to climate change have received more attention, the impacts of uncontrolled intensification may actually be more severe. For instance, climate science suggests that rainfall intensities may increase by 30% to 40% by 2100. In comparison, doubling the imperviousness from 30% to 60% may increase the runoff by more than 100%. This highlights the need for appropriate stormwater controls as part of integrated land use policies in communities subject to not only climate change but intensification as well.

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